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Learning to Hearing Again with a Cochlear Implant
A curriculum manual for audiologists and speech pathologists providing rehabilitation and education for patients with cochlear implants.

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Authors: Donna S. Wayner, Ph.D., Judy Abrahamson, M.A. and June Casterton, SFP, M.A.

This curriculum manual is designed to assist audiologists and speech-language pathologists in providing rehabilitation and education for their patients with cochlear implants. The lesson plans clearly guide the clinician in preparing for and conducting audiologic rehabilitation. They provide:
1) specific activities and instructions to be used with individuals or in class,
2) printed camera-ready materials for duplication and distribution to patients.

Published in three-ring binder format, Learning to Hear Again with a Cochlear Implant also provides additional camera-ready documents with information covering a variety of topics related to communication skills, assistive devices and audiologic rehabilitation. The methods and materials in this 346-page publication have been used successfully by the authors in individual and group audiologic rehabilitation sessions in hospital-based programs and private practice.

Individually bound copies of A Personal Journal and A User's Guide may be purchased separately.

ISBN: 0-9664780-1-0

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